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Soochow University has been a private university since 1900, the oldest private university of the nation. The university provides high quality education that prepares students to make significant contributions to the nation. There are now 5 schools and 23 departments. The Schools of Arts, Science, and Foreign Languages and Cultures are located at scenic Waishuangshi near the National Palace Museum. The Schools of Law, Business and the Extension School are located at the downtown campus in the Chung Cheng District, the political and commercial center of Taipei, where professionals in business and law are easily accessible. Soochow University may be small, yet as a full-fledged university, it is distinguished in content and quality.

Soochow University is on the cultural axis of Taipei City. Near the National Palace Museum, among lush green hills and a clear stream flowing by, the Waishuanghsi Campus presents a spectacular view and offers the students a superior study environment. On this campus are the School of Arts & Social Sciences, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and the School of Science.

The School of Law, the School of Business and the Extension School are on the Downtown Campus, in the administrative and commercial center of Taipei. Due to the convenience of transportation, professionals are easily accessible there, and the faculty and students can utilize in their academic work the rich resources offered by adjacent administrative and commercial institutions and libraries. Transportation between the two campuses is convenient. Both campuses have their own unique cultural and academic resources and distinctive environments

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